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Seven Key Questions to Ask Your Lawyer for an Emotionally Intelligent Divorce

DATE POSTED: February 3, 2023 1:40 pm

Seven Key Questions to Ask Your Lawyer for an Emotionally Intelligent Divorce

Going through a divorce is a challenging and life-changing experience for everyone involved. No one is immune to the feelings of stress, anxiety, and resentment  which are so often present in divorce proceedings.

Ending your marriage makes you question the foundation of what you believe about life. Suddenly, you are uncertain about the issues you took for granted before the martial crisis hit.

If you are stuck in a rut and overwhelmed by negative emotions – luckily, there is a solution.

Here are the seven questions you can ask your lawyer for an emotionally intelligent divorce.

1. How Can A Divorce Attorney Help Me Cope with an Emotional Crisis?

Divorce litigation can be a adversarial process. In addition to feelings of sadness, grief, and resentment about separating, you will face the prospect of a harsh, unfamiliar court environment. From mentally draining discovery to cross-examination – your emotional burden will grow with each step of the way. The best way to go through such an experience unharmed is to talk to your divorce attorney. An experienced divorce lawyer knows what spouses are experiencing during this challenging period in life. Attorneys can help you cope with negative emotions by explaining what you feel is natural. People are vulnerable and being sad when life is stressful is normal. On the other hand, remaining resilient when faced with difficulties is vital to preserving emotional health, and divorce lawyers can help you save your mental wellbeing.

2. Does Initiating a Divorce Procedure Mean I Am a Weak Person?

On the contrary, a marriage is a communion between two people wishing to spend the rest of their lives together. Both spouses express their free will to enter the matrimony. When things go wrong (especially in abusive relationships), leaving a hostile environment is a rational decision. Not only that but breaking away from the abusive partner takes strength and courage. Self-doubting people stay silent, not wanting to stand up for their freedom and happiness. If a marriage does not go how, you both envisioned (no matter how hard you tried), you should know that l shows your leaving the marriage demonstrates integrity and maturity.

Seven Key Questions to Ask Your Lawyer for an Emotionally Intelligent Divorce

3. I Worry About Child Custody – Are My Concerns Justifed?

Your concerns are natural but not always justified. The decision of who gets custody is one of the most complex issues in divorce litigation. In determining child custody, the judge considers various factors, including the parents’ economic situation, the child’s educational and extra-curricular activities, place of living, etc. An experienced divorce attorney will use all legal means to prove your child custody-related claims, relying on child experts and other available evidence. If you can meet the child’s best interests, you should not worry if you have a knowledgeable attorney protecting your interests.

4. How Can My Friends and Family Help?

Your friends and family are your most significant psychological support group in times of crisis, including divorce. Ask them for help as they are your loved ones. Sometimes, they can alleviate stress by listening to your fears and concerns.

5. How Can I Manage My Anxiety Related to Marital Property Division?

Illinois is an equitable distribution state, meaning the courts divide marital property equally unless specific factors justify unequal distribution. Your worries about marital property are natural because you can never be sure if you will get half what you and your spouse acquired during the marriage. That depends on the length of your relationship, each spouse’s contribution, behavior, and other factors – the judge can decide whether you get more or less than half of the marital property. To minimize stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about property division, hire an experienced divorce attorney to help you get what you deserve.

6. Should Litigation Expenses Be a Reason for Concern?

Litigation expenses can vary. The amount of money you must pay to go through divorce depends on the complexity of your case and the attorneys you hire. To avoid spending your entire share of marital property on attorney and cost filing fees, choose divorce lawyers who work on a contingency basis and charge minimal or no upfront payments.

7. I Feel Uncertainty and Uneasiness About Life as a Single Person – What Should I Do?

Although litigation is retrospective by design (seeking to resolve the past), you should not be concerned about your future if you entrust your case to the professionals. An experienced attorney can help you find purpose in living as a single person (or in a new relationship) after divorce. Your lawyers should be at your disposal after the process, helping you connect with psychologists and other experts. Sometimes your attorney can make a difference simply by being compassionate and listening to your concerns.

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