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Looking for a Russian-Speaking divorce lawyer for a consultation in Chicago?

Looking for a Russian-Speaking divorce lawyer for a consultation in Chicago?

Invest in Your Future by Hiring a Russian-speaking Chicago and Illinois lawyer, Helena Trachtenberg.

Do you need an attorney to review documents written in the Russian language? Are you seeking legal representation or guidance concerning a legal matter in the US or Russia? Do you need a Russian-speaking lawyer’s assistance with legal or business matters? Helena Trachtenberg, a Russian-speaking lawyer, can help. She has extensive knowledge of the Russian language and experience in the legal system. This means that all the details of your case will be communicated to you in detail, decreasing the chances of misunderstanding terms and ensuring that you get more detailed explanations. In addition, she can provide valuable insights into navigating the complexities of the law, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your case. Whether you’re dealing with a legal matter in the US or Russia, Ms. Trachtenberg, an experienced Russian-speaking lawyer, can help you find the answers and protection you need.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney

Using family law attorneys is an investment in their future success. Chicago divorce attorney Helena L.Tractenberg can advise you on family law matters. Then it is clear to her why the story matters so much. Lawyers understand how sensitive the case is to families. The attorney takes no risks and takes time to understand what you are trying to achieve. Second, the conversation will happen in your native tongue, and you will understand complex Illinois Family Law. Attorney Tractenberg, a Russian-speaking attorney, has experience in litigation and appears before many courts in Illinois.

Regarding family law, divorce lawyers play a vital role in ensuring the process goes smoothly and efficiently. For example, suppose you’re going through a divorce or considering one in the future. In that case, it’s crucial to find a lawyer who is well-versed in Illinois laws and has experience handling similar cases. This is especially true if you have children, as custody and visitation issues can be complex.

Helena L. Trachtenberg is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a Russian-speaking divorce lawyer in Chicago or Illinois. Helena has over ten years of experience as a family law attorney and is fluent in Russian and English. She understands the unique challenges that Russian-speaking clients face during divorce proceedings and is dedicated to providing them with the best possible representation.

Contact Helena today to schedule a consultation, and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Get Personal Attention to Your Case by Chicago and Illinois Russian-Speaking Family Lawyers

An Experienced Family Law Attorney

Divorce is sometimes difficult. Generally, they drain your emotions and finances. Plus, it feels like it’ll last forever. That’s not real!! You need a lawyer for your case and someone to understand you. Helena L. Tractenberg will explain what she does and will be ready to fight.

Areas of Practice

There are several different practice areas that an Illinois family law attorney may specialize in. One common area is divorce law. This includes helping couples to negotiate the terms of their divorce, such as property division and parenting time. Another common practice area is child support. This involves assisting parents in obtaining the financial support they need to care for their children. Alimony and maintenance are other vital areas of Ms. Tractenberg’s practice. Additionally, many family law attorneys handle collaborative law and family mediation. Each practice area requires specific legal knowledge and skills, so it is essential to choose an attorney like Helena L.Tractenberg with experience handling the type of case you are dealing with.


Imagine you’re a Russian-speaking family who is going through a tough time. You’ve decided to hire an attorney to help you through your divorce, and you’re relieved to have found someone who understands your language and culture. Helena L. Tractenberg is that attorney, and she’s dedicated to providing the best possible representation for her clients.

Helena has over ten years of experience as a family law attorney and knows how to handle complex cases. She understands the unique challenges that Russian-speaking families face during divorce proceedings, and she’s always ready to fight for what’s best for her clients.

If you’re considering hiring a Russian-speaking divorce lawyer in the Chicagoland area, Helena L.Tractenberg is a perfect choice. She will guide you through the process and ensure you get the best possible outcome. Contact her today at 847-995-8800 to schedule a consultation.

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