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The Illinois law’s formula for the amount of child support to be paid to the custodial parent is calculated based on the paying parent’s net income.  That amount is not necessarily influenced by the amount of time a parent spends with a child but on the number of children entitled to child support funds.

  • One child—20%
  • Two children—28%
  • Three Children—32%

The obligation to pay child support can be satisfied through retirement funds, life insurance proceeds, or other assets. Life Insurance policies can provide for the continued payment of child support and college expenses in the event a parent dies.


If you and your spouse are willing to work through your divorce issues outside the court system, mediation may be a good alternative. Mediation is a method of resolution of issues between parties without going before a judge. It can be a very positive experience, allowing both parties to have greater input in resolving important decisions and taking ownership of the results.  In mediation, both parties remain open to consider a variety of possible solutions and listen to each other as they work through their issues. Mediation is a forum for a facilitated settlement. divorce  issues, such as the division of propertychild custodychild support, and visitation are all issues that may be dealt with by a mediator.

The Mediator

A mediator is trained to facilitate communication between parties and assist them in clarifying potentially confusing issues. The job of the mediator is to find common ground between the parties and guide them toward reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. The mediator must remain impartial and avoid advocating for either party.  Mediation agreements can make the marriage settlement easier, making the final judgment fluid and resolved faster.

Illinois Mediator Miriam Cooper

Chicago family law attorney Miriam Cooper is a trained mediator and understands the process of mediation. She has served both as a mediator and also represented individual parties within a mediated setting. Ms. Cooper listens thoroughly to the parties involved and assists parties in settling cases efficiently while keeping legal expenses to a minimum.

If you think mediation would be a good alternative for your Divorce, contact Miriam Cooper at 847-995-8800 for information on settling your case through mediation.

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