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Illinois Family Law and Real Estate Attorneys

At Cooper Trachtenberg Law Group, we practice family and real estate law with the the professionalism our clients deserve throughout Chicago, Illinois, and in DuPage County and Cook County, including Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and Buffalo Grove. Our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience dealing with a wide variety of complex and sensitive legal matters, working to find peace and resolution for our clients. Our areas of specialty include:


Our Illinois attorneys represent men and women in all areas of family law, such as in parenting/child custody, spousal maintenance and child support disputes.

Property Distribution

Division of property is not always equal, but careful and considerate negotiation will ensure that our clients obtain what they are entitled to receive. Both parties are entitled to a portion of the assets acquired during the marriage.


Maintenance is meant to sustain one of the parties until he or she can become self-sufficient. Where one of the parties is unable to become self-sufficient or come close to maintaining the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage, permanent maintenance, possibly subject to review, may be awarded. We make certain that negotiations are carefully considered and fairly discussed.

Parenting/Child Custody

Parents of minor children can petition the court for sole or joint Parenting/Child Custody of the children. The particular type of Parenting/Child Custody awarded will determine how the parents will shoulder the responsibility of caring for the children and making important decisions on their behalf.

Child Support

Illinois law gives a parent the right to receive support for minor children. Illinois law sets a guideline amount, but it may be increased or decreased depending on a party’s particular circumstances.

Parenting Time/Visitation

Parents who do not have custody of minor children are entitled to Parenting Time/Visitation rights. A Parenting Time/Visitation schedule is usually agreed upon and must be followed by both parents. We work to find a Parenting Time/Visitation schedule amiable to both parties.


Parentage/Paternity cases are those which establish the identity rights and responsibilities of a child’s father. DNA testing can provide conclusive results where the father does not voluntarily acknowledge Parentage/Paternity.


Mediation offers the option of settling your case with the assistance of a mediator, a neutral person who will help parties resolve conflicts without involving the court system.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is sometimes preferable to divorce for religious, financial, or personal reasons. In some cases, spouses want the dissolution of their relationship to have legal effect without impacting health insurance, government benefits or taxes. In these situations, legal separation may be the appropriate option.

Real Estate Lawyers

Illinois real estate lawyers addresses the rights of people and organizations who are buying or selling homes, renting or leasing real property, avoiding foreclosure, developing property, and other issues related to zoning and land use.

Collaborative Divorce Law

Divorce can be expensive, both emotionally and financially. There is now an alternative to divorce litigation, Collaborative Divorce Law. Utilizing a Collaborative team approach, couples amicably resolve all differences between the parties. Because litigation can be long and traumatic, another system developed which enables parties with the assistance of lawyers who are trained in Collaborative Divorce Law (called “Fellows”) to work together four-way meetings to develop a mutually agreeable settlement. Parties and lawyers must agree at the onset that they are committed to resolving their matter amicably. In fact, in the event that the parties are unable to do so, the Collaborative lawyers must resign from the case, and the parties have to hire other lawyers. Miriam Cooper and Helena L. Trachtenberg are both Fellows of The Collaborative Divorce Law Institute of Illinois and will work to resolve your case without court intervention.

Collaborative Divorce - Fellow Badge

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